Thanks to the «TURNKEY» solution, our team of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Specialised Technicians follows the production process from the feasibility study to design, to obtaining health permits and construction.

MEDIS manages and controls every aspect of the project, allowing the Customer peace of mind.

Give us the keys to your space and we will hand it back to you finished!

These are the 7 steps we take care of:


The MEDIS Team of Architects and Designers prepares the working drawings of the systems, of any demolition work and construction. Every aspect is calculated, defining each step of the project with accuracy.

  • Preliminary feasibility study: on-site surveys, rough design drafts, and meetings with the authorities
  • Guidance: in choosing materials and finishing elements of the rooms
  • Bill of quantities and preliminary analysis of the costs
  • Architectural plans: three dimensional rendering and “photorealism”
  • Architectural and plant engineering working drawings: electrical systems, mechanical systems, special systems serving the equipment, etc…
  • “Total accessibility” plans: facility access to users with disabilities
  • Structural design: if interior or exterior changes are made to the building’s/facility’s load bearing structures.
  • Building and land registry application preparation and submission: these are required for legitimising the works and completing the protocol required by town-planning
  • Documentation: collecting, analysing and preparing the documents required for submitting applications to obtain health permits
  • Surveys: assistance provided by the various appointed control agencies (the municipal government, the health authority, etc …)
  • Final statement of the costs: through detailed accounting
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We listen to and interpret our Customer’s requests to create the most modern and functional furnishing choices: colours, floors and the arrangement of the furniture really make the difference when you want to give your medical facility a distinctive character.
MEDIS provides custom solutions that combine practical and functional needs with aesthetic appeal, to stand out!


MEDIS also guides, listens to and advises its Customers through choices relating to the coordinated development of the company image, helping them define style, values and communication needs, proposing simple and effective solutions, that make the company stand out.

  • Graphic design of the logo
  • The design and realisation of signs, plates, signage and advertising material
  • Graphic design and printing of brochures
  • The design and development of display systems or creative solutions for brand communication
  • Digital signage to train patients through interactive instruments
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When you decide to start a significant project such as building, restoring or upgrading medical facilities, it is necessary to check the feasibility carefully and submit the relative documents to the competent Agency.
To relieve the Customer of every burden or worry, MEDIS guarantees the support of specialised technicians who not only examine every architectural and safety aspect, but they will also take care of every bureaucratic procedure.

  • File for routine and extraordinary maintenance
  • SCIA file
  • DIA file
  • Planning permission
  • SUAP file
  • End of Works
  • Fitness for use


Every project is assigned to a Project Manager, who has the task of ensuring that the works are carried out in observance of the standards and in compliance with the project. We protect the Customer’s interests by consistently checking the progress of the works, thereby guaranteeing close supervision of times, costs and quality.

  • Construction operation management
  • Execution works monitoring
  • Technical check
  • Accounting and administrative checks
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Safety is a very important topic especially when it comes to public spaces. There are numerous legal provision in this regards.
MEDIS operates with utmost safety by employing qualified personnel in possession of all the necessary requisites and certificates.


Maintenance activities are an integral part of the activities managed by the MEDIS team.

The objective is to provide a service to businesses that need to manage their facilities, with a coordinated and efficient approach, through planning strategies and scheduling of maintenance activities or also through single demand-based jobs.

MEDIS has highly qualified staff, guaranteeing effective service through the management of the online portal. Specifically, the managed activities refer to:

Building maintenance: works that are needed to solve malfunctions and to keep the building running efficiently

for electrical, mechanical, fire safety and special fire safety systems, intrusion-safety and TVCC systems.

All of the maintenance activities offer the possibility of stipulating specific contracts. MEDIS also provides Declarations of Conformity for all installed systems.