MEDIS, general contractor for the realization of medical premises and dental surgeries, provides integrated design, planning, consulting, feasibility studies and project management services for both public and private customers.Thanks to specific skills gained in the industry, and thanks to the collaboration with the design studio AVIA PERVIA, a leading expert in health care facility building project management, MEDIS provides all-inclusive service in setting up the medical space, running planning and building, everything up to handing over the keys. Customers wishing to build a new health care facility will find a one-stop solution with MEDIS, who will guide them in their choice of materials and finishes, will manage vendors and labours, relieving them of the challenging task of coordinating everyone that is involved.
The MEDIS team of experts works to guarantee the successful outcome of custom solutions, while saving time and streamlining costs.


Project Management

MEDIS manages and controls every aspect of the project, allowing the Customer peace of mind. From preliminary inspections to after-sales maintenance, we manage every project thanks to the turnkey formula.

Integrated Skills

Thanks to teamwork and the complementary fields of the professionals who work with us, we do everything from plant engineering to town planning, from structural to architectural plans.

Total Accessibility

Thanks to qualified staff that works alongside us in the planning process, your spaces will be fully accessible to users with disabilities, through improvements in easier access, safety and comfort, according to the low.

Single referent with integrated skills


MEDIS’ team follows the Customer from the preliminary feasibility study to the architectural design and the installations, from the elimination of architectural barriers up to the choice of furnishing solutions and the optimization of costs.


Thanks to the internal production, characterized by the certified carpentry (1090 EXC 2) and the acquisition of STEFRA wood working company, MEDIS develops custom furnishing solutions realized in the most different materials to satisfy any requirement.

Admin management

MEDIS aims to check
the feasibility of each project,
considering the architectural
elements but also the legal
and bureaucratic ones,
and presenting all the
necessary documentation
to the competent

Project Management

Every project is assigned
to a Project Manager,
who has the task of ensuring
that the works are carried out
in observance of the standards and
in compliance with the project and the timeline.


Give us the keys to your space and we will hand it back to you finished!